Specialty Care

In human medicine, patients see their primary care doctor for wellness checkups and general health concerns. If the doctor notices a problem that is related to a specific condition or organ, they may refer those patients to a specialist such as a Cardiologist or Neurologist who have advanced training and knowledge.

Animal medicine works much the same way and specialists at The Hope Center are board-certified veterinary experts who see cases referred to them by other veterinarians. In addition to their four-year veterinary degree, they complete a one-year general internship and then a three-year residency targeted at a specific discipline such as Cardiology, Surgery or Oncology. During these three years, they receive hands-on instruction from a board-certified mentor in the same field. They study techniques, protocols and learn to use the tools of their individual specialty. At the completion of this residency, they must go before a board of experts to prove their ability and understanding of their specialty and pass an intensive written test. Only then are they recognized as board-certified veterinary specialists.

Similar to major universities and human hospitals, The Hope Center has a wide variety of specialists under one roof. This provides opportunities for convenient formal consultations, but also informal questions and brainstorming with experts in other fields. Doctors can offer opinions or guidance to other departments in a cooperative effort to give each patient the best care possible.

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“The quality of care offered at this facility is better than most walk in clinics for humans. This is simply one of the best facilities I have ever experienced for my pet.”

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