Emergency Care

The Hope Center Emergency Departments are fully staffed 24/7 to care for sick or injured animals in Maryland and Northern Virginia. We have trained emergency veterinarians and technicians available at our hospitals 24 hours a day. If your pet is in distress or is unresponsive, immediately take them to the nearest veterinarian.

Vienna Location
140 Park Street SE
Vienna, VA 22180

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Tel (703) 281-5121
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Rockville Location
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Tel (301) 637-3228
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A pet emergency can occur at any time – that’s why Hope is always there. We offer immediate treatment in life-threatening situations 24/7/365. Your pet receives the best care possible, while our staff explains the situation clearly and calmly to let you make the best decisions for your pet and your family.

What is a Veterinary Emergency?

With a specific focus on emergency and critical care, Hope’s emergency rooms are equipped to handle most any veterinary emergency. Toxic ingestions, severe gastrointestinal upset, respiratory distress and trauma are just a few of the types of conditions that our teams face every day and night. These are life-threatening and life-altering concerns that need immediate medical intervention. By combining our experience and technology, we provide that care with kind hands and an abundance of compassion.


Care for your pet begins as soon as you walk through the door of The Hope Center. When you arrive, our front desk staff will take the first step in treatment by beginning the triage process. They will listen closely to the symptoms you describe and note the appearance of the pet. If there is any question about the stability of your pet, a technician will be called to make a closer examination and bring your pet to the emergency room for immediate treatment with your permission.

If your pet is stable, your information will be taken at the front desk and then you and your pet will be escorted to a private exam room. A technician will be called to take vital signs, including pulse, breathing rate, and temperature and take an overall assessment of your pet’s condition.

Exam and Discussion

Whether in an exam room or if your pet has been triaged to the emergency room, a doctor will do a complete physical exam of your pet.

After the exam, the doctor will discuss your pet’s health status. If your pet was brought immediately into the ER, they will explain how your pet is responding to initial treatment. The doctor will then go over their findings and explain their initial diagnosis. Any questions you have will be fully explored and answered.

Treatment Plan

After discussing the assessment with you, the veterinarian will detail what treatment options they recommend. Each treatment plan will be customized for each individual pet and based on the wishes of the owner. After deciding the plan with the doctor, the front desk staff will go over a detailed estimate of all costs and financial obligations associated with the plan.

Continued Care

If your pet requires a stay at our hospital, you will be able to return home knowing that you can contact The Hope Center at any time for a progress report on the condition of your pet. Our staff will also be in touch with you as soon as there are any important changes in the status or plan for your pet. In addition, our automated online patient records system will email you copies of your pet’s medical records every morning and evening your pet is in the hospital. Your primary care veterinarian will also be kept up to date with your pet’s progress.

After Care

As soon as your pet is ready to go home, a doctor or technician will notify you. At discharge, a doctor will explain the care that your pet has received and then a technician will go over particulars, including medications to be given at home, symptoms to watch for, rechecks and other recommendations. In addition to a paper copy of all medical records and discharge instructions, an electronic copy will be emailed to you. Your primary care veterinarian will also be notified of your pet’s discharge from the hospital along with a copy of records.

If you have any questions after you return home, you are encouraged to call and ask. Our staff will be happy to answer any concerns you may have.


“I am so glad to live so close to your office. Once again I am very very pleased with my visit from the first step in the door to my leaving with my pet. I don’t think there is a better facility in the area.”

Vienna Location 140 Park Street SE
Vienna, VA 22180
Contact Numbers Tel (703) 281-5121
Fax (703) 281-0149

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Rockville Location 1 Taft Ct
Rockville, MD 20850
Contact Numbers Tel (301) 637-3228
Fax (301) 795-0145

For non-medical questions or comments: Email Us