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Pet 411: The nose knows – Why does my cat keep sneezing?

Having a stuffy nose is unpleasant, whether you’ve got two legs or four.  It’s also one of the most common problems we see in our feline patients.   One of our readers, Diane, wrote to tell me about her frustration in trying to help her two-year-old cat, who has been sneezing ... Learn More

Chuvian’s Story

The personalities of animal lovers are as unique as the creatures populating our world. Kristin Regan is straight-talking and matter of fact. Smart and direct, at first impression she might seem a bit remote. But within moments of getting to know her it’s clear that Kristin’s heart is as huge ... Learn More

Smudge’s Story

Meaghan Hancock and her husband Chris Parkins moved to Portland from Ontario, Canada about 3½ years ago. New to the area, Meaghan says she “really, really wanted to get a dog.” Chris had reservations about it, but one evening the pair saw a French Bulldog on television, and they found ... Learn More

Levi and Sarah

Lisa and Lee Pulaski love their Labs. Just over 11 years ago, they had just one, a treasured boy named Rocky. When Rocky was almost 2, his mother — who belonged to a friend of the Pulaski’s — had puppies. Lisa and Lee thought it would be wonderful for Rocky ... Learn More

Cedar’s Story

Four years after two TPLOs, Cedar remains a serious player. Cedar, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (aka “Toller”), has a long history of playing with his owner, Peter, whether it be on Oregon’s rivers, hiking mountain trails, or trips to the local dog park. For Cedar, if there’s water involved, ... Learn More

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