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They saved Ruxpin’s legs

This place is outstanding! I just went through a second surgery for my dog. I had the pleasure of having Dr. Averill and Dr. Wilson, and both were outstanding people and surgeons. They saved my dog’s legs. With the wonderful front desk staff, the surgeons and the nurses, you feel ... Learn More

Media turn to BluePearl for tips about pets and hurricanes.

If you live in hurricane-prone states such as Texas and Florida, you have to prepare for storms well in advance — and that means making sure you will be able to care for your pets. BluePearl veterinarians recently spoke to media about keeping pets safe, even as Hurricanes Harvey and ... Learn More

Veterinary publication tells how BluePearl saved a Yorkie named Maddie

Medical care gets more sophisticated all the time, for humans as well as animals.  Increasingly, the best treatment methods used in human hospitals come to top-notch veterinary hospitals such as BluePearl’s. That’s why the veterinary publication dvm360 told the story of how BluePearl used four different types of medical imaging ... Learn More

Animal Pain Awareness Month: Don’t let pets suffer in silence

NEW YORK – When we have pain, we can explain where it hurts. Our pets aren’t so lucky.  Fortunately, there’s growing recognition about pain, both in human and veterinary medicine. People are starting to ask, “if my pet is in chronic pain what can I do about it?” That’s why September ... Learn More

PetMD turns to BluePearl expert on dental health

Did you know some dog breeds are more likely to develop dental problems than others? And did you know there are experts in  veterinary dentistry? The popular website PetMD wanted to know more, and so they turned to BluePearl’s Dr. Donnell Hansen, who is board-certified in veterinary dentistry. Read the ... Learn More

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